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Warranty of Repairs

Except for rust, Killion’s Collision warrants all repairs completed on the repair order against defects in workmanship. Defects in parts and materials will be subject to the terms as extended by the manufacturer.

Our shop certifies that your vehicle was repaired using the latest techniques and that the repairs meet generally accepted standards for safe proper repair as recognized within the collision repair industry. If you should have a problem with any of the repairs made to your vehicle, please return it to our shop for inspection as soon as possible.

A. Warranty Terms

1. This warranty covers material and labor to correct any defect in workmanship arising from repairs performed under the original repair order. It does not cover incidental losses, towing, loss of earnings, per diem expenses, rental car costs, or any other claims of any nature. Killion’s obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing or repairing defective parts or materials under the manufacturer’s warranty.

2. This warranty is only extended to the customer listed on this document and is not transferable.

3. The work performed could fail due to no fault of the repairing facility. Adjacent or related parts to the repaired areas could fail, causing damage to the original repair. Under these circumstances, this warranty will not apply.

4. In no event shall the new parts warranty extend beyond the terms offered by the manufacturer.

5. This warranty is in effect for as long as you, the customer named, owns the covered vehicle.

B. Proper Maintenance Instructions

1. Vehicle should be washed frequently and waxed at least every 6 months.

2. Salt, chemicals, tree sap, environmental exposures, and other foreign material must be removed immediately from the vehicle’s surfaces.

3. Dents, chips, and scratches are not covered by this warranty and must be maintained at the owner’s expense.

4. Any damage caused by neglect, abuse, or misuse is not covered under this warranty.

C. How To Obtain Service

1. Contact our body shop at the first sign of any problem. Any lengthy delays may make it difficult to determine the cause of the problems.

2. The itemized copy of the repair order must be kept with this warranty and presented to our shop for warranty consideration

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we help you rent a car